Thursday, March 31, 2011

New nailpolish!

Sooooooo, I got some new and awesome nailpolish today! 2 gosh polishes, and One from catrice! I like them a lot lot lot, and I will take some pictures when I did my nails, but of course I don't know which color to use!

The first one is ' Iron Mermaiden' from Catrice and the others are from gosh, the holographic nailpolish and Ocean! Can't wait to test them out!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh spring, don't you ever leave!

It's spring, and it's aaaamaaaaaazing! I went outside to take some pictures and here's one of them

I like the way my hair looks! But i'm probably going to dye it again soon! But I don't know in which colour. If anyone has a good idea, it's always welcome! 

And this is what I'm wearing today, althought it isn't really clear, but It'll do! 

And I was thinking about starting a vlog of some sort, but I don't know yet! 

Xoxo, Romah

Friday, March 11, 2011

Roses are red...

But in this case, they're white! I did a photoshoot with my niece two days ago for school, for my end 'project'. I was going to do something about sleeping beauty and the roses that appear in the story. This was the result.

I hope you like them, and I'm always open for some feedback! 
Later on today I will be doing another shoot, this time with my brother's girlfriend and it's going to be about little red riding hood! I'll probably post those pictures on my blog tomorrow, but only if they're a bit okay!


My new red lipstick!

Someone asked if I had a picture with my new red lipstick! And yes, I do! Sooo, here it is;

It's a really really pretty red color! It's dark red but still really bright, I LOVE IT. It's from Loréal Paris - Color riche - Red passion - 297 and It costs about 12 euro!


Shopppppping haul!

When makeup/hairstuff shopping this last few days! So I thought I'd show you what I bought.

I like it a lot! Especially my new Loreal lipstick and my new nailpolishes! And I also FINALLY found a lipgloss that is amazing.

Xoxo, Romah

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Who doesn't love the sun?

Sooooooo, this is what I was wearing today! It was still pretty cold, but the sun was shining and that was awesome!

On the last one my face is a bit creepy, but okay! So, I'm wearing:
* H&m dress, 30 euro
* New look cardigan, 9 euro
* Primark bag 11 euro
* H&m sunglasses, 7 euro
* Primark shoes, 3 euro



Thursday, March 3, 2011

New haircut/colour, again

Haha, I think i'm addicted to dying my hair! And now I also have a new haircut, although it's more red in real life!
Need to work on things for my blog but damn I'm lazy!

xoxo, romah