Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Second cheek piercing!

I'm soooo happy! It was my birthday last wednesday (19, juk so old!) but I got some money and I went to the piercer yesterday to get my 2nd cheek! And it looks like... this!

I am so happy with them, and I love my cheek piercings! It didn't hurt that much, but the healing process is a real bitch so I'll just have to be careful and patient!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Romah and her piercings

So I love piercings. I love love love love love them, so I decided to make a post about piercings.
The first time I was thinking about getting a piercing was when I was 14. I was obsessed with lippiercings, I never saw anyone with them and I tought they were so pretty and special! But at that time I even tought I was to young for it. So a year later, I was 15 (duh) I was still thinking about getting a lippiercings. But first.. I had to ask my mother. (I don't know my father, so that's one person down on approval!) So after weeks and weeks of thinking about it and being scared that my mother would say no I asked it. She said 'oh yes, you should take a piercing! They're so pretty!' so I was a very happy girl. And a while later I got my first lippiercing. After that my piercing obsession started growing reaaaally fast! A few months later I got my snakebite. (2 lippiercings). After my snakebite I decided it was time for something else, and I wanted a septum piercing. (Through your nose, like a cow some people say). So I pierced my septum myself. I researched a lot about it, used sterile materials, gloves etc. and it went good. (this is almost 3 years ago!). I don't advice anyone to pierce themselves, but if you do just be careful and know what you're doing. So after I got those 3 piercings, a few months later I decided to get a snakebite. It's a second lippiercings, next to another lippiercings. Eventually I got two spiderbites. (In 2009). And with my septum they looked like this:

So this is me with 4 lippiercings (2 spiderbites) and a septum.

I had this combination for quite a long time (more than a year, that's a long time for me, haha!). But last summer (summer 2010) I became obsessed with double nostril piercings. So I just decided to get them! They're only 20€ where I always get my piercings, so that's quite cheap.

And this is me with my double nostrils and the rest of my piercings!

But I have one favorite piercing. And that's a cheek piercing. (Also called a dimple piercing). I've wanted cheek piercings for years now, but they're the only piercing my mum didn't like because they leave big scars when you take them out. (They make dimples in your cheek, but I like that!). So I didn't take a cheek piercing     until about a month ago. I decided I needed that piercing so badly, and I still wanted it after so many years so I wouldn't regret it! And I don't. I'm totally in love with it, and I'm going to get my 2nd cheek piercing as soon as I have money!

So this is me with the piercings I currently 'own'. I still love them all, and I'm not tired of them. At all! So my plan is to get another cheek piercings, and a medusa! And then I think my face will be filled enough, haha!