Sunday, December 4, 2011

Work work and dying my hair (again!)

So, I'm super excited because tomorrow is my first work day! Yes, I stopped my fashion education thingie (because it really wasn't what I expected it to be) and now I'm going to work!

The fun part is that I'll be working in a piercing shop. I'M SO HAPPY! I was so scared, I needed to find a job, but with my looks, it still is very difficult to find a decent job, and I didn't like they idea of taking my piercings out and dying my hair back to normal... so I didn't! I was in my hometown city (Leuven) and I saw my local piercer was looking for a salesperson, so I immediately went it and went for it! I had to go for like a test-workthing and I did that for 2 hours, and then they hired me, and I have to start tomorrow! So I'm super excited!

When I was there(they also sell clothes, hairdye,..), I bought a new bottle from my favorite hairdye from manic panic, vampire red! A new job, a new haircolor? So I dyed my hair and now it looks like this

I always forget how much I love this haircolor! And you know what's nice? Now that I'll be working there I'll get a discount!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blue glitter, gold glitter and a punch of red

Hello everyone!
I just thought it would be fun to show you guys my latest makeup purchases! If you want a detailed review or anything (swatches etc) of a certain product just tell me!

I just thought this little nailpolish thingie looked very cute, and I love the combination of gold and black! It was around 3€ (or something, I can't remember exactly) and it's from the new essence collection called Circus Circus! I was amazed with the quality, and the nailpolish dries really fast!

I bought myself a really pretty red mac lipstick, that's called Mac Red! And I love it, I'm such a sucker for red lipstick. The quality is again, very very good, but I didn't expect less. (it costs 18€)

Seeing this nailpolish in the DI (story in belgium) made want to buy it instantly! It's sooo cute! It's from the brand sinful colors, and I never saw it before in a shop, I always saw it online! But apparently they now sell it in the DI, and it made me happy! (5.95€) They apparently also sell essie there, so I will check that out soon.

Bying this smokey eye effect thingie from MaxFactor wasn't a good decision. It sucks. The pigment isn't that good, and it creases instantly, it smudges,... everything it shouldn't be doing. I guess that's 13.95€ thrown away!

I like these 2 products from a LE from essence! (vampire's love) The thingie on the left is a Blush gelee, it's a really pretty color, and when I use it as a blush it's a soft pink color, really cute and really pretty. It's stays on for a long time, so I'm loving this! (Can't remember the price!)

The lipstain from the vampire's love collection is in number 01, it's a purple lipstain. I really love it, but I don't think I'll wear it that much because the purple colour really doens't match my red hair. (2€)

Last but certainly not least is a shimmering powder from the LE collection from catrice called Las Vegas. I only bought it for the packaging because I love it, but the actual shimmering powder itself is really lovely! It's not too much, it's perfect for the holidays! (5€)


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My wishlist!

So, I'm going to stop school for this year and start working! FULL TIME. I know, it's a bit scary right? But now I'm dreaming about all the stuff I want to buy when I do work and get my money! So this is a little wishlist of things I'll definatly buy with my first payroll!

Mac prep and prime pressed powder

I would loooooooove to have this! It's a white pressed powder, and it matifies your skin and it sets your makeup. I've read a lot of good reviews about it, so this is number 1 on my wishlist. I think it's about 23€ in the mac store.

Mac lipstick, Russian Red

I'm a sucker for red lipstick! I've already got ruby woo and mac red from mac, but I think my collection would be even better with this amazingly pretty lipstick, Russian Red!

Sleek pout paints

These sleek pout paints are absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors and the fact you can mix them into other colors. They're also very long lasting. Gimme gimme gimme!

Sleek palette, bad girl

I love this palette! The colours are really pretty and from the reviews I've seen the pigmentation is also very nice, must buy!

Urban Decay, primer potion

As you all may know, the god of the primers! No explanation needed I guess!

Benefit, they're real mascara

A lot of good reviews about this product too, so I'd really like to try it out! I'v just discovered that they sell benefit in a store not so far away, so I have to go check it out soon!

So this was my wishlist (or at least a part!)
What's on your wishlist?


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hair inspiration!

I love hair, especially coloured hair! Since I dye my hair a lot, here are a few pictures of people who just have goooooooooooooooooooorgeous hair! Enjoy

And so on! I just could keep on watching pictures of pretty hair all day long..
What's your favorite hair/colour?

Monday, November 21, 2011

How to care for you coloured hair!

So, I get a lot of questions about my bright haircolours. Especially on tumblr, and facebook it's really crazy. There all about how I get my hair so vibrant, and how I get it to stay that way for a while. So I guess it is time for  a few tricks and tips!

My hair has been A LOT of colours, and I mean a lot! Blue, red, pink, purple, and all the shades inbetween. Right now my hair is bright red, but before this colour it was pink like this

I want from black to this really really vibrant pink! A lot of people ask me how I do it, and how I keep my hair healty! And the answer isn't very difficult actually

How to get from black or dark hair to a bright and shiny colour?
You have to bleach it. Ofcourse, if you want bright hair you will have to bleach it! But the nice part is, that if you want to go to a bright red, or a bright pink you will only have to bleach it once!(for blue colours you will have to bleach untill you have white hair) So I use professional bleaching creme developer and bleaching powder which I buy at my local hairdressershop. I use a 40 vol bleach, because if you're coming from such a dark colour it will have to be a very powerfull bleach! So I bleached my hair once, and it turned our, orange/blondish, with different tones everywhere because I've been dyeing my hair a lot the past few years. After bleaching I put the pink dye on my hair (rose red from the brand  la riche directions, I LOVE LA RICHE DIRECTOINS!) I let the pink dye in my hair for hours and hours because this dye will not damage your hair! Then you rinse it out, et voila! Pretty pink hair!

How do you take care of bleached and coloured hair?
Ofcourse after bleaching your hair, it will be damaged. So you have to make sure you take good care of it! I use a lot of serums (bedhead, john frieda, ..) on my wet hair after I washed it, but also in dry hair on the ends. A good conditioner is also very important, but you have to make it out for yourself what's a good conditioner for your kind of hair. An oliveoil mask once a week is also very recommended because it makes your hair soft and shiny!

How to make sure the colour doesn't fade?
The colour will always fade eventually but there are a few things you can do to prevent it fading in a few days! First of all, I only wash my hair once a week. It may sound gross and dirty, but it's actually good for your hair, and it prevents colour fading a lot. In the meanwhile when my hair starts getting all greasy I use a lot of dryshampoo to get all the greassiness out of my hair!
If i do wash my hair I use a shampoo especially for coloured hair. I try not to use the cheapest shamoo because I always feel a difference between cheap shampoos and a bit more expensive shampoos. I also use a conditioner for coloured hair. In that conditioner I will put a bit of my hairdye and mix it, so everytime u use conditioner, your hair get a little touch up!
I only wash my hair with cold water. It may sound horrible, and it is a bit, but you'll get used to it, and it really helps!

I hope you guys liked it, and it helped you out a bit! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

red hair, bows and a little black dress!

Hello everyone!
I'm just in love with this new dress I bought, it's simple, it's black, it's everything a girl needs! As you can see my hair is red again, and I'm loving it, I really missed it. And now I can wear my little red heartshaped bag again! Woohoow!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Stripes, bows and highwaisted skirts!

Hye everyone!
So lately I've been an highwaisted skirt addict, like crazy!
I saw this pretty high waisted skirt in the h&m for 25€ which I think is a lot for just a skirt from the h&m, but I loved it soooo much I bought it! But then, a few days later, I saw the same skirt in another h&m with another print, but it was only 10€, so I bought that too! So now I'm wearing my new favorite skirts every single day, and I love them!

Hope you like this,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a new piercing! Again..

I decided to get my medusa pierced.. today!
I really like medusa piercings, and I wanted one for a long time, but I didn't know how it would fit with all my other piercings, so I decided to wait for a while. And that while ended today! I just needed to have it done, and if it would be ugly I just could take it out, or take one of my other piercings out if the combination wouldn't be good. So I went to the pierced and got it done, and that motherfucker really did hurt! DAYUM. But it only hurts for a fraction, so yeah. And I'm really, really happy with the result! It fits my other piercings perfectly (I think) and it is now my 10th piercing! Hurray!

So here it is!

Friday, October 21, 2011

New hair + Outfit of the day!

Hello guys!
So, I know I know, it's bad, but... I dyed my hair. AGAIN. Not only I dyed it, I also bleached it because I wanted pink hair again, and my hair was black. So yeah! But it isn't that, and I'm taking good care of it, and I'm soooo happy with it :3 Here are a few pictures! The color I used for this is called Rose red from La riche, Directions! It costs 7.5€ here in the local hairdressing shop.

So that's what my hair looks like these days! And this was what I was (still am!) wearing

My hair looks more red here, and that's because the sun was shining on my hair!
I was wearing
-Wibra tights, 2€
-Boots, 20€
-H&M high waisted skirt, 10€
-H&M skull top, 10€
-H&M bag, 10€
-Primark cardigan, 9€
As usual a pretty budget proof outfit, 'cuz that's the way I rolllll (haha)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Romah on heels

Hey guys!
I know I haven't been posting much, but my brother stole my laptop (he hasn't got his yet, and he needs it for his studies) so I never spent time online anymore!
Just a quik outfit update

I'm wearing a
High waisted skirt with anchor buttons, 4€, 2nd hand store
A floral top, online ( 6€
Primark coat, 9€
Primark bag, 5€
New look heels, 25€

It's all about finding amazing stuff, cheapppppp!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Second cheek piercing!

I'm soooo happy! It was my birthday last wednesday (19, juk so old!) but I got some money and I went to the piercer yesterday to get my 2nd cheek! And it looks like... this!

I am so happy with them, and I love my cheek piercings! It didn't hurt that much, but the healing process is a real bitch so I'll just have to be careful and patient!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Romah and her piercings

So I love piercings. I love love love love love them, so I decided to make a post about piercings.
The first time I was thinking about getting a piercing was when I was 14. I was obsessed with lippiercings, I never saw anyone with them and I tought they were so pretty and special! But at that time I even tought I was to young for it. So a year later, I was 15 (duh) I was still thinking about getting a lippiercings. But first.. I had to ask my mother. (I don't know my father, so that's one person down on approval!) So after weeks and weeks of thinking about it and being scared that my mother would say no I asked it. She said 'oh yes, you should take a piercing! They're so pretty!' so I was a very happy girl. And a while later I got my first lippiercing. After that my piercing obsession started growing reaaaally fast! A few months later I got my snakebite. (2 lippiercings). After my snakebite I decided it was time for something else, and I wanted a septum piercing. (Through your nose, like a cow some people say). So I pierced my septum myself. I researched a lot about it, used sterile materials, gloves etc. and it went good. (this is almost 3 years ago!). I don't advice anyone to pierce themselves, but if you do just be careful and know what you're doing. So after I got those 3 piercings, a few months later I decided to get a snakebite. It's a second lippiercings, next to another lippiercings. Eventually I got two spiderbites. (In 2009). And with my septum they looked like this:

So this is me with 4 lippiercings (2 spiderbites) and a septum.

I had this combination for quite a long time (more than a year, that's a long time for me, haha!). But last summer (summer 2010) I became obsessed with double nostril piercings. So I just decided to get them! They're only 20€ where I always get my piercings, so that's quite cheap.

And this is me with my double nostrils and the rest of my piercings!

But I have one favorite piercing. And that's a cheek piercing. (Also called a dimple piercing). I've wanted cheek piercings for years now, but they're the only piercing my mum didn't like because they leave big scars when you take them out. (They make dimples in your cheek, but I like that!). So I didn't take a cheek piercing     until about a month ago. I decided I needed that piercing so badly, and I still wanted it after so many years so I wouldn't regret it! And I don't. I'm totally in love with it, and I'm going to get my 2nd cheek piercing as soon as I have money!

So this is me with the piercings I currently 'own'. I still love them all, and I'm not tired of them. At all! So my plan is to get another cheek piercings, and a medusa! And then I think my face will be filled enough, haha!


Friday, August 26, 2011

New hair + outfit of le day

So yesterday I dyed my hair again! Gone with the boring brown, the black/blue/purple's there!

I went for a dipdye with blue, and I dyed a layer of my bangs purple. The rest of my hair I dyed black, god I missed my black hair.

So this is what I'm wearing today and what my 'new' hair looks like!
- Floral playsuit from Berschka
- Black skirt from H&M, 5€
- Forever21 cardigan, 19€
- Brown bag, kruidvat, 10€
- Suspender tights, newlook, 4€
- Simple shoes, 3€, Primark
- Octoupuss necklace, 80cents, Ebay!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Essence's mellow yellow, I don't like you!

So a few weeks ago I bought this pretty yellow nai lpolish called 'Mellow Yellow' from Essence. I didn't have any yellow nail polishes, so I needed to buy one! I chose this yellow because it's a bit soft and cute yellow and not a neon colour. (I really hate neon, brrrrr). So at first I really like it, it applied okay (2 coats, which is pretty normal, but good for a light/pastelish color like this one!) and I really loved the color on my nails. But there is a BIG but. I didn't dry, at all? Like, come on, two hours after polishing my nails I decided to eat a toast (omnomnoms!) and then after a few minutes I noticed my knife was filled with spots of yellow nailpolish. Well, that sucked. Pretty color, but I guess that's it! What a pitty.. 
If anyone knows a gooooood and pretty yellow nail polish (not neon, haha!) tell me!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome, Ruby Woo!

So 2 weeks ago, I bought my first Mac product,
A gorgeous red lipstick called Ruby Woo. It's a retro matte red lipstick, and I'm in love with it. I paid 17€ for it, and it's totally worth it! Here a few pictures of the magical lipstick. (I bought it at the Mac store In Brussels!)


China glaze and Orly

So recenlty I received my first China glaze and Orly nailpolishes! I ordered them from America, and they arrived only six days later, which is amazingly fast. I ordered rainbow and skyscraper from china glaze and halleys comet and bubbly bombshell from Orly.

China Glaze, Rainbow and Skyscraper, I love them! 
Rainbow is a white color, but when you turn it around in the light, it has pink and green streaks, very pretty!

And here we have my Orly polishes,absolutely pretty!
Halleys comet, which looks a lot like essence's choose me! It's pretty with all the green and blue colors together!
And bubbly bombshell, as you can see very pink and glittery!

The first one of all these polishes I tried out was Skyscraper for China Glaze from the Metro Collection because I like the color so so much and it reminds me of well, the evening sky in some sort. 

Here you can see it on my nails, don't mind the messy nails, it's just to show you guys how pretty this color looks. I used 2 coats for this color, and it applied really well!