Friday, August 26, 2011

New hair + outfit of le day

So yesterday I dyed my hair again! Gone with the boring brown, the black/blue/purple's there!

I went for a dipdye with blue, and I dyed a layer of my bangs purple. The rest of my hair I dyed black, god I missed my black hair.

So this is what I'm wearing today and what my 'new' hair looks like!
- Floral playsuit from Berschka
- Black skirt from H&M, 5€
- Forever21 cardigan, 19€
- Brown bag, kruidvat, 10€
- Suspender tights, newlook, 4€
- Simple shoes, 3€, Primark
- Octoupuss necklace, 80cents, Ebay!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Essence's mellow yellow, I don't like you!

So a few weeks ago I bought this pretty yellow nai lpolish called 'Mellow Yellow' from Essence. I didn't have any yellow nail polishes, so I needed to buy one! I chose this yellow because it's a bit soft and cute yellow and not a neon colour. (I really hate neon, brrrrr). So at first I really like it, it applied okay (2 coats, which is pretty normal, but good for a light/pastelish color like this one!) and I really loved the color on my nails. But there is a BIG but. I didn't dry, at all? Like, come on, two hours after polishing my nails I decided to eat a toast (omnomnoms!) and then after a few minutes I noticed my knife was filled with spots of yellow nailpolish. Well, that sucked. Pretty color, but I guess that's it! What a pitty.. 
If anyone knows a gooooood and pretty yellow nail polish (not neon, haha!) tell me!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome, Ruby Woo!

So 2 weeks ago, I bought my first Mac product,
A gorgeous red lipstick called Ruby Woo. It's a retro matte red lipstick, and I'm in love with it. I paid 17€ for it, and it's totally worth it! Here a few pictures of the magical lipstick. (I bought it at the Mac store In Brussels!)


China glaze and Orly

So recenlty I received my first China glaze and Orly nailpolishes! I ordered them from America, and they arrived only six days later, which is amazingly fast. I ordered rainbow and skyscraper from china glaze and halleys comet and bubbly bombshell from Orly.

China Glaze, Rainbow and Skyscraper, I love them! 
Rainbow is a white color, but when you turn it around in the light, it has pink and green streaks, very pretty!

And here we have my Orly polishes,absolutely pretty!
Halleys comet, which looks a lot like essence's choose me! It's pretty with all the green and blue colors together!
And bubbly bombshell, as you can see very pink and glittery!

The first one of all these polishes I tried out was Skyscraper for China Glaze from the Metro Collection because I like the color so so much and it reminds me of well, the evening sky in some sort. 

Here you can see it on my nails, don't mind the messy nails, it's just to show you guys how pretty this color looks. I used 2 coats for this color, and it applied really well!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amazing online shops!

So, I love buying stuff online. No, actually not just 'stuff'. Makeup, nailpolish, clothes, shoes.. the whole lot! I love it! Especially when it's super super cheap. Or not available in Belgium. So Here's a list of online shopping sites I like, and why I like them! Have fun and shop shop shop!

Website 1

Ebay: Ofcourse everyone knows ebay. And everyone should, because ebay is still the site where I buy most of my things. Nailpolish, makeup and a lot of bandshirts for my boyfriend, and all for very low prices! Pretty necklaces (for example the oh-so-famous owl necklace, can be bought there for 99$ with no shipping costs!) it's amazing. You may have to do a bit of searching, but once you find yourself a few amazing deals, you'll surely be happy! (If anyone wants to know some sellers where I buy my things, just ask!)

Website 2 This website is also very amazing! And very important, it ships from the UK (fast shipping!) aaaaand everything's free shipping, hurray for that! And you can find, absolutely everything in this site! Clothing (really pretty/cheap stuff, and the quality is really good!) electronics, games, cd's, bandshirt and so on. 

Website 3

This website may look really strange and cheap, but I can assure you, it's great! They sell chinaglaze nailpolishes for only 3$ what is amazingly cheap! And they do sell internationally so that's good to! (the shipping costs to belgium are 18$ for up to 6 bottles) they also sell other brands like essie, colorclub and so on, both also very cheap!

Website 4

If you love makeup and nailpolishes as much as I do, you'll love this website! It sells makeup like NYX and other very cool brands (+ really amazing holographic nailpolish from kleancolor!) for REALLY CHEAP PRICES! it's abnormal, I love it. And the shipping costs aren't much, so I'll definately order me some more from over there.

I have a lot of other sites, that I'd like to show you, but that's for another time! Do you guys know some amazing online shopping sites? Let me know!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Meet me @holographic, essence

Hello guys!
I decided to do a sort of review on the Meet me @holographic collection of Essence. and today I'll be reviewing the blue-ish one, called Blue Ray. I've had these polishes for a while now, but I never got to using them, but today I did, so I'll show you some pictures and tell you what I like/don't like.
So when I first saw the bottles I was completely exited! The colours are so amazingly pretty! So I bought 3 of them.

-Prism@tic white
-Blue Ray

So I decided to go for the blue one today, because blue is my favorite colour, and I just love blue nailpolishes.  When you see the blue inside the bottle it looks really pretty blue with sparkles and when you turn the bottle some pretty purple colours show off. Amazing! The bottles promises this nailpolish to be holographic but my hopes weren't that high, because Essence and holographic nailpolishes is apparantly a no go.

So as you can see, it's really pretty! But then.. I put it on my nails. And I really didn't like it. I didn't like the brush, it was to small, and I don't know it just didn't work for me! It wasn't a very opaque colour so I had to use a lot of layers before it was a bit okay. The only thing I did like was the color. It isn't holo at all, but I really like the blue and just for the colour I probably wear it a lot!

So this is what it looks like on my nails! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nice things coming my way!

I love ebay. I love sites where I can buy amazing things (such as nail polish, ofcourse!) online. I especially like it when it's cheap. Who doesn't? I ordered a few things for me today and yesterday and I tought that it would be a good idea if I would show you guys the nailpolish I ordered! I decided to go with 2 Orly nailpolishes because I haven't got any orly nail polishes and 2 China Glaze polishes for the same reason. I can't wait untill they're here, and when they are here, I'll definately do a review!

Halleys comet, Orly (Bought it for 7€)
From what I've read it looks a lot like essence's 'choose me' and that's my favorite nail polish, so I really hope it does look like that, and that this one is even better! It's soooo pretty!

Bubbly Bombshell, Orly (6€)
I like glittery nailpolishes, even though they are sooo difficult to get rid of once put on your nails. So I went for Glitter with a big G. Pink pink and again pink! But very pretty!

Rainbow, China Glaze (5€)
This just looks really pretty, and I love the name, haha!

Sky Craper, China Glaze (5€)
I love purple, and I love glitter, so this was a pretty obvious choice for me! It looks amazing, and I can't wait to get it here and put it on my nails!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Forever21 (Iloveyou!)

So, a few days ago I went to forever21 in Brussels. It just opened about two weeks ago, and I was really exited to go there. I love Brussels so this was just another opportunity to go! When we arrived there I was completely shocked! (in a positive way, that is) the store is just amazing. It's BIG (and I mean fucking big, really) and amazingly preeeeeeeeetty. I wish my house could look like that store. Everything was just so perfect and unique, and very very white. I wish I could live there! But, we went on, and investigated the whole store, that was a big job, because of all the clothes there, we were always scared we didn't see something so we were very carefull and I think that (eventually) we saw everything. I loved a lot of clothes and shoes and bags but ofcourse I couldn't buy everything and I only bought 3 things. A grey cardigan (19€), a cute little white lacey dress (17€) and a pretty belt with roses (6.9€). In this outfit I'm also wearing my Dr.Martens whom I adore, pretty purple tights and a mint colored primark bag!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hearts, roses and polkadots

So yesterday I went shopping, AGAIN. I think all my money that I've worked for is going out to clothes, shoes and bags. Ah well. Yesterday I went to Brussels and visited the brand new forever21 store! It was absolutely amazing, but I'll make a post (with pictures of what I bought ofcourse!) about it.
Today I'm wearing my new favorite dress, I am totally in love with it. I bought it at H&M for only 20€ and I think I'll wear it a lot. The heels I'm wearing are quite high for me, so I'm only wearing them for the picture, because seriously I wish I could walk on these without pain, but unfortunately after a while my feet hurt sooo bad! So I always take my black flats with me.

I"m wearing
H&M dress 20€
Newlook heels 25€
Newlook tights 4€
Forever21 belt 6.90€
Primark bag 13€
(and don't mind my silly face please!)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What am I wearing?

Hello everone,
Just a little post with pictures of what I'm wearing, made these pictures a few minutes ago, and I know they aren't perfect, and the colours don't fit together, because of the stupid weather and the sun disappearing all the time! 

I'm wearing:
Primark shoes - 3€
New Look shorts with floral print and lace - 15€
Pink H&M poncho - 5€
Primark bag - 5€

Now I have to go to a party, so

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shoes and bags haul!

So, I did A LOT of shopping these past days. I went to the Primark (nomnomnom!) and to Brussels and ofcourse everytime I had the chance (and the money haha!) I went to my hometown to check out the new collections they had in stores. In this post I will show you guys the shoes and bags I bought. There are a few more actually, but the 3 euro shoes from Primark, you don't really have to see them, right? Also there are 3 more pairs on there way to my home, so I can't wait 'till they arrive! (My mom paid for them, otherwise I wouldn't have bought so many of them, haha)

Boots from Shick - 20€
Pumps from Newlook - 25€

2x brogues from Primark 11€

Messenger/schoolbag from primark €13

Bag from H&M 5€

Bag from Sacha 50€

Bag from Primark 8€

Messenger/schoolbag from Primark 5€

Ankelboots from H&M 20€


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My wishlist

Hello dear followers,
As you can see I made a few changes to my blog, but I don't know if I like the layout yet or not! It's so difficult finding something that is totally me. But I think I like this one, so I'll give it a go, feedback is always welcome! So I will starting to post more regularly, but I don't have a camera and that sucks. My boyfriend stole my camera (lend) and took it with him to Hungary! But he'll be back tomorrow, so then I can make pictures again.

So, I have a wishlist, I think everyone has a wishlist, and I want to share it with you guys. I hope that in the near future (or in the far away future, haha) I can own some of these amazing products. What is on your wishlist? Let me know!
Xoxo, Romah

First of all, I would love to have this classic Chanel bag one day, 
It's expensive, yes, but I think it's worth its money!

This gorgeous Orly nail polish named Halleys Comet,
It's absolutely beautiful 

These amazing, but again expensive Miu Miu shoes
I love the shape, the color and ofcourse the print

A dress from the brand Dahlia,
I just love all of there clothes, and I hope that one day I'll be the proud owner of one
of there dresses. Jumjumjum!

A bunch of (if I could pay it I would buy all of it!) mac cosmetics,
I don't have anything yet, because, I nearly wear makeup, but I'm a huge nailpolish addict
but I'd like to start wearing makeup, and it would be amazing if I could do that with mac.
What I'm craving for by mac now is a classic red lipstick (I do wear red lipstick, I love it!) and a 
good foundation.