Sunday, December 4, 2011

Work work and dying my hair (again!)

So, I'm super excited because tomorrow is my first work day! Yes, I stopped my fashion education thingie (because it really wasn't what I expected it to be) and now I'm going to work!

The fun part is that I'll be working in a piercing shop. I'M SO HAPPY! I was so scared, I needed to find a job, but with my looks, it still is very difficult to find a decent job, and I didn't like they idea of taking my piercings out and dying my hair back to normal... so I didn't! I was in my hometown city (Leuven) and I saw my local piercer was looking for a salesperson, so I immediately went it and went for it! I had to go for like a test-workthing and I did that for 2 hours, and then they hired me, and I have to start tomorrow! So I'm super excited!

When I was there(they also sell clothes, hairdye,..), I bought a new bottle from my favorite hairdye from manic panic, vampire red! A new job, a new haircolor? So I dyed my hair and now it looks like this

I always forget how much I love this haircolor! And you know what's nice? Now that I'll be working there I'll get a discount!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blue glitter, gold glitter and a punch of red

Hello everyone!
I just thought it would be fun to show you guys my latest makeup purchases! If you want a detailed review or anything (swatches etc) of a certain product just tell me!

I just thought this little nailpolish thingie looked very cute, and I love the combination of gold and black! It was around 3€ (or something, I can't remember exactly) and it's from the new essence collection called Circus Circus! I was amazed with the quality, and the nailpolish dries really fast!

I bought myself a really pretty red mac lipstick, that's called Mac Red! And I love it, I'm such a sucker for red lipstick. The quality is again, very very good, but I didn't expect less. (it costs 18€)

Seeing this nailpolish in the DI (story in belgium) made want to buy it instantly! It's sooo cute! It's from the brand sinful colors, and I never saw it before in a shop, I always saw it online! But apparently they now sell it in the DI, and it made me happy! (5.95€) They apparently also sell essie there, so I will check that out soon.

Bying this smokey eye effect thingie from MaxFactor wasn't a good decision. It sucks. The pigment isn't that good, and it creases instantly, it smudges,... everything it shouldn't be doing. I guess that's 13.95€ thrown away!

I like these 2 products from a LE from essence! (vampire's love) The thingie on the left is a Blush gelee, it's a really pretty color, and when I use it as a blush it's a soft pink color, really cute and really pretty. It's stays on for a long time, so I'm loving this! (Can't remember the price!)

The lipstain from the vampire's love collection is in number 01, it's a purple lipstain. I really love it, but I don't think I'll wear it that much because the purple colour really doens't match my red hair. (2€)

Last but certainly not least is a shimmering powder from the LE collection from catrice called Las Vegas. I only bought it for the packaging because I love it, but the actual shimmering powder itself is really lovely! It's not too much, it's perfect for the holidays! (5€)