Thursday, December 16, 2010


So, I have exams, and reaaaaaaaaaaally no time to post any photo's :(
But I'll show you my new haircolor? :D
I dyed my hair red :3 With manic panic's Vampire Red. I just love that color.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Me and my profile picture!

So, School is eating up my time as I said before, so I thought to just make a post about my profile picture :3 I actually like that picture myself, and that day was soooo awesome so I'm going to tell you guys the story behind it!

So haha this is my profile picture in biiiiiiiig format. Hello! Now you can see my face a little bit better haha. You may also notice I have 7 facial piercings, and I LOVE PIERCINGS. :3
So, as you can see my hair is curly a bit. Normally I have hair that is SUPERSTRAIGHT. So this was the first time I ( my best friend did it :3) curled my hair! 
We were having a girlzzzznight, so she curled my hair, I put on some red lipstick ( Oh do I LOVE red lipstick!) en did my eyes and stuff :3 She also put on some makeup and did her hair, while listening to stupid songs :D So after we all did this, we started to take pictures! Some are veeeery lame, but you know, it's funny. I love my bestfriend ^-^

This is me and my bestfriend on girlsnight!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh do I miss summer!

So, I'm going to post an outfit I made this summer (: But I still wear it even when it's as cold as this! And later this evening I'm going to try to make another outfit picture, but I'll see, because school is SO EATING UP MY TIME. And that sucks.

So, I'm wearing;
*Shoes with roses
* Black Hema tights
* Floral Primark shorts
* Red heart shaped Primark bag
* Black top
* Black cardigan Newlook
* Owl necklace Newlook
* Owl ring H&M

Hope you like it, planning to post a loooot more soon!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My necklaces!

So, these are my necklaces, I love them all very deeply, haha! I'm going to tell you where I got them starting left, going right.

* Key necklace, I made it myself, it's an old key I found.
* Mirror necklace, 8 euro, Six
* Cameo necklace, six
* Pocketwatch necklace with bow, 3 euro, Primark
* Owl necklace, 8 euro, Newlook
* Birdcage necklace, Topshop
* Cameo rose necklace, Ebay
* Grey cameo necklace, Barcelona ( a store called pimp haha)
* Pocketwatch necklace, 10 euro, Promod
* Rose cameo necklace with pearls, six.
* Bat necklace, six
* Lomography fisheye necklace, diy (The camera itself was 2.5 euro)
* Shiny owl necklace, Primark
* Crown necklace, six
And then at the top of the picture, you have my Cameoring :3 Also from six.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another day, another outfit!

So hello! I'm still really sick :( So I didn't have the time to take any pictures, but I was wearing the same as I was wearing a while back, so I'll post i picture of that day! It wasnt cold back then haha!
I also went to the doctor a few hours back, but when I arrived there, he wasn't there. :( So now I have to go back tomorrow!
Tomorrown I'm filming for a school project, me and a few friends are filming a piece of the movie Corpse Bride form Tim Burton, hoping it will go well!

Don't mind my face :') And my necklace is doing some weird stuff! Oh and yeah, you probably noticed I'm not skinny or something, like a lot of girl who have their blogs, but I'm fine with it. And as long as you dress okay, what's the problem? :D So I'm wearing this:
* Bulboxer shoes
* Primark panty
* Boohoo 'navy' dress with cuuuuute anchor buttons :3
* Black newlook cardigan
* Six mirror necklace


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So, I'm a real ebay addict. If I would be rich, I would buy everything on Ebay! But sadly (hehe) I'm not rich at all. I don't get allowance, and have to pay for everything myself. (Clothes, shoes,..) and that's sucks. BUT BUT BUT, for christmas my boyfriend made me order some things on ebay :3 Oh he knows what I like! So we went on ebay and ordered some silly stuff like necklaces, eye liner,..... . I'll show them to you guys, haha!

 It's a micro filter for my camere (I study photography)
 A nikon necklace, I just thought it was adorable!
A cross necklace, just a little bit different than this one!
A love letter necklace :3
 Gel eye liner!
 A corpse necklace, haha I love it!
 Two owl rings! 
 White eye liner!
 Glasses necklace (:
 Another necklace.. :')
 12 stripers! :3
 A remote for my Nikon (:
And last but not least!

Everything was reaaaaally cheap! :D For example, the last owl necklace was 1.28 dollar, with free shipping! And this wasn't all so haha. 


Who's that boy?

So, one things that's extremely important in my life is my boyfriend. I love him very deeply and we are together now for a year and eight months, and everything is going gooooood. So ofcourse i'll be talking about him on my blog, and it's nice when you can putt a face on a name. His name is Andreas. And he's half hungarian (: I went to Hungary with him last summer and it was amazing! He's one year (and a week haha!) youger than me, so he's 17.

Here's a picture of us!

This was taken in september (:
And last but certainly not least, a picture of my bf alone :3

So now you guys know who my boyfriend is, and what he looks like :D 

xoxo, romah

Let it snow, let is snow, let is snow!

Woaaaah, it's really cold outside! And I'm sick, so I can't go outside, but I did, to take some pictures of what I'm wearing today! I did it in like five minutes because, damn. My butt was freezing off! Don't mind my 'uuurgh I'm sick and it's to cold to go outside' head! 

So, this is what I'm wearing today! 
* Zara heart dress
* Black new look cardigan
* Black sacha wedges
* New look roses belt
* Again my warm wollen tights
* A new look purse
* A birdcage topshop necklace

But ofcourse when I'm going out for real I will wear my coat and my scarf haha. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This is me!

Hello! Well, so this is me today! It was really cold outside, and snowing so I really had to hurry taking pictures :') I'm wearing:
* H&M dress
* Grey cardigan 
* Warm wollen tights
*Dr. martens
* Heart shaped bag from Primark
* And my favorite circle scarf!



Hello everyone who is going to read this post. And I doubt that that will be a lot of people, but who cares. I'm Romah, I'm 18 years old, and I live in Belgium! I'm in love with my boyfriend for over a year and eight months now, and things are going excellent. Life is good! I'm starting this blog because.. I don't know! I read a lot of blogs myself, and I find them very interesting! So I thought it would be nice to have my own blog. (I already have a Tumblr called lovelustandpixiedust) I hope you guys will enjoy my blog!