Friday, October 21, 2011

New hair + Outfit of the day!

Hello guys!
So, I know I know, it's bad, but... I dyed my hair. AGAIN. Not only I dyed it, I also bleached it because I wanted pink hair again, and my hair was black. So yeah! But it isn't that, and I'm taking good care of it, and I'm soooo happy with it :3 Here are a few pictures! The color I used for this is called Rose red from La riche, Directions! It costs 7.5€ here in the local hairdressing shop.

So that's what my hair looks like these days! And this was what I was (still am!) wearing

My hair looks more red here, and that's because the sun was shining on my hair!
I was wearing
-Wibra tights, 2€
-Boots, 20€
-H&M high waisted skirt, 10€
-H&M skull top, 10€
-H&M bag, 10€
-Primark cardigan, 9€
As usual a pretty budget proof outfit, 'cuz that's the way I rolllll (haha)


  1. hey, did you only use one bottle of hair dye for your whole hair? because i was thinking of getting the same brand but i don't know if its going to cover my whole hair (which is kind of the same size as yours)