Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Personal update, life is different.. and so am I!

Damn, I've been gone for a while now. But I'm back! For now. In my last post I told you guys about me working, getting a tattoo etc. And guess what? I have 4 tattoos now, and a few new piercings.. I'm addicted! But also, I've been working since december now, and still loving it. My life has changed a lot because of my work, but it's okay. Although I don't have a social life anymore ;p but that'll be back again soon!

So, I have 4 tattoos now, I'll show them to you.

So you can see the bats on my arms here, and the 2 tattoos I got on my upper legs :) 

My foxy in detail

Better picture of my bats!

Foxy and owly together

And my we're all mad here tattoo!

Well that was a bunch :) If you have any questions about my tattoos, just ask!

For piercings, I got an ashley piercing and a triple forward helix :)

Triple forward helix

and the ashley is the one 'in' my lip!

Voila, a little personal update :) 


  1. Wow I love your tattoos, vooral die op je bovenbenen <3

  2. Oh hoe toevallig! Ik kom juist je blog tegen op girlscene, en ik ben je vandaag nog tegengekomen in Leuven! Je tattoo's vielen me meteen op, en dat bedoel ik helemaal positief! ;-)

  3. gorgeous tattoos :) especially the owl <3

  4. Ohh love the bats, how cute ^-^

  5. ik wou even zeggen dat ik jou GEWELDIG vind xD ookal ken ik je niet :3
    ik hou van jou stijl <3 wou dat ik het nog aandurfde... maar ben helaas een beetje 'standaard' geworden T.T

    jou tattoo's zijn echt soooo pretty! en jou piercings zijn ook tof ;3

    lieft jou <3 :'D

  6. Uw laatste foto! You're so pretty :o