Sunday, April 10, 2011

Groezrock 2011

So, I'm going to groezrock this year! I went to groezrock the last two years and I reaaaaaaaaaaally enjoyed it! Every year at least a few of my favorite bands are coming, and I love it! For those who don't know what Groezrock is, it's a festival in Belgium (Meerhout) and the music is mostly hardcore (the rock kinda music, not the elektro kind) punk and a little bit of metal. So you really have to enjoy that kind of music, or else you're not going to like it!
So I was thinking to let you guys get to know a little bit more of me and my music taste! So i'm going to show you a few of my favorite clips of my favorite bands that are going to Groezrock!

Asking Alexandria - Breathless

Cute Is What We Aim For - Navigate me

Underoath - A boy brushed red.. living in black and white



  1. Asking Alexandria! haha gelukzak ;o

  2. Dat is m'n favoriete nummer van Underoath! Ik kan al niet meer wachten tit het Groez is, gisteren mijn ticket gekocht :')

  3. aaw ik ben wel jaloers;P maar kga wel al naar lowlands^^