Monday, November 21, 2011

How to care for you coloured hair!

So, I get a lot of questions about my bright haircolours. Especially on tumblr, and facebook it's really crazy. There all about how I get my hair so vibrant, and how I get it to stay that way for a while. So I guess it is time for  a few tricks and tips!

My hair has been A LOT of colours, and I mean a lot! Blue, red, pink, purple, and all the shades inbetween. Right now my hair is bright red, but before this colour it was pink like this

I want from black to this really really vibrant pink! A lot of people ask me how I do it, and how I keep my hair healty! And the answer isn't very difficult actually

How to get from black or dark hair to a bright and shiny colour?
You have to bleach it. Ofcourse, if you want bright hair you will have to bleach it! But the nice part is, that if you want to go to a bright red, or a bright pink you will only have to bleach it once!(for blue colours you will have to bleach untill you have white hair) So I use professional bleaching creme developer and bleaching powder which I buy at my local hairdressershop. I use a 40 vol bleach, because if you're coming from such a dark colour it will have to be a very powerfull bleach! So I bleached my hair once, and it turned our, orange/blondish, with different tones everywhere because I've been dyeing my hair a lot the past few years. After bleaching I put the pink dye on my hair (rose red from the brand  la riche directions, I LOVE LA RICHE DIRECTOINS!) I let the pink dye in my hair for hours and hours because this dye will not damage your hair! Then you rinse it out, et voila! Pretty pink hair!

How do you take care of bleached and coloured hair?
Ofcourse after bleaching your hair, it will be damaged. So you have to make sure you take good care of it! I use a lot of serums (bedhead, john frieda, ..) on my wet hair after I washed it, but also in dry hair on the ends. A good conditioner is also very important, but you have to make it out for yourself what's a good conditioner for your kind of hair. An oliveoil mask once a week is also very recommended because it makes your hair soft and shiny!

How to make sure the colour doesn't fade?
The colour will always fade eventually but there are a few things you can do to prevent it fading in a few days! First of all, I only wash my hair once a week. It may sound gross and dirty, but it's actually good for your hair, and it prevents colour fading a lot. In the meanwhile when my hair starts getting all greasy I use a lot of dryshampoo to get all the greassiness out of my hair!
If i do wash my hair I use a shampoo especially for coloured hair. I try not to use the cheapest shamoo because I always feel a difference between cheap shampoos and a bit more expensive shampoos. I also use a conditioner for coloured hair. In that conditioner I will put a bit of my hairdye and mix it, so everytime u use conditioner, your hair get a little touch up!
I only wash my hair with cold water. It may sound horrible, and it is a bit, but you'll get used to it, and it really helps!

I hope you guys liked it, and it helped you out a bit! :)

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