Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blue glitter, gold glitter and a punch of red

Hello everyone!
I just thought it would be fun to show you guys my latest makeup purchases! If you want a detailed review or anything (swatches etc) of a certain product just tell me!

I just thought this little nailpolish thingie looked very cute, and I love the combination of gold and black! It was around 3€ (or something, I can't remember exactly) and it's from the new essence collection called Circus Circus! I was amazed with the quality, and the nailpolish dries really fast!

I bought myself a really pretty red mac lipstick, that's called Mac Red! And I love it, I'm such a sucker for red lipstick. The quality is again, very very good, but I didn't expect less. (it costs 18€)

Seeing this nailpolish in the DI (story in belgium) made want to buy it instantly! It's sooo cute! It's from the brand sinful colors, and I never saw it before in a shop, I always saw it online! But apparently they now sell it in the DI, and it made me happy! (5.95€) They apparently also sell essie there, so I will check that out soon.

Bying this smokey eye effect thingie from MaxFactor wasn't a good decision. It sucks. The pigment isn't that good, and it creases instantly, it smudges,... everything it shouldn't be doing. I guess that's 13.95€ thrown away!

I like these 2 products from a LE from essence! (vampire's love) The thingie on the left is a Blush gelee, it's a really pretty color, and when I use it as a blush it's a soft pink color, really cute and really pretty. It's stays on for a long time, so I'm loving this! (Can't remember the price!)

The lipstain from the vampire's love collection is in number 01, it's a purple lipstain. I really love it, but I don't think I'll wear it that much because the purple colour really doens't match my red hair. (2€)

Last but certainly not least is a shimmering powder from the LE collection from catrice called Las Vegas. I only bought it for the packaging because I love it, but the actual shimmering powder itself is really lovely! It's not too much, it's perfect for the holidays! (5€)



  1. De shimmering powder van Catrice heb ik ook, is heel fijn! En de lipstain van Essence heb'k ook, prachtig kleurtje is dat!

  2. Oeeeh hebben hebben, super leuke spulletjes!
    En je hebt ook een onwijs leuke blog by the way :)