Sunday, December 4, 2011

Work work and dying my hair (again!)

So, I'm super excited because tomorrow is my first work day! Yes, I stopped my fashion education thingie (because it really wasn't what I expected it to be) and now I'm going to work!

The fun part is that I'll be working in a piercing shop. I'M SO HAPPY! I was so scared, I needed to find a job, but with my looks, it still is very difficult to find a decent job, and I didn't like they idea of taking my piercings out and dying my hair back to normal... so I didn't! I was in my hometown city (Leuven) and I saw my local piercer was looking for a salesperson, so I immediately went it and went for it! I had to go for like a test-workthing and I did that for 2 hours, and then they hired me, and I have to start tomorrow! So I'm super excited!

When I was there(they also sell clothes, hairdye,..), I bought a new bottle from my favorite hairdye from manic panic, vampire red! A new job, a new haircolor? So I dyed my hair and now it looks like this

I always forget how much I love this haircolor! And you know what's nice? Now that I'll be working there I'll get a discount!



  1. You're so lucky! And again, congratulations with your new job! So awesome! And I totally love your new haircolour! It looks so pretty on you. <3

  2. Gefeliciteerd met je job! Je haar ziet er mooi uit :D

  3. OMG! Your eyes are gorgeous!! The new colour is also very-very nice! *_____*
    Good luck with your new job =)))

  4. Ahh indeed so lucky, I also want to work at the piercing shop I always go to, and today I heard there was this other girl behind the counter - I'm so sad. But it's cool they also sell hair-dye, clothes and stuff! So awesome. Congratulations. :)

  5. what a SMASHING colour!!! totally works for you :D

  6. Sorry I'm a random... stumbled across your page looking for new hair colours. (Looks gorgeous)

    Could you please tell me what colour you used the vampire red over? When I last used it my hair looked too bright and a little..flat? Yours appears richer and I wonder if it had some left over colouring from before? :)
    Thanks for any help ^^

  7. thankyou all! :D And for the anonymous, I mostly always have pink hair before I put vampire red on it, it makes it indeed a very pretty colour! :)

  8. Wauw, echt mooi je haar :)

  9. Pretty pretty pretty haircolour! n.n