Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another day, another outfit!

So hello! I'm still really sick :( So I didn't have the time to take any pictures, but I was wearing the same as I was wearing a while back, so I'll post i picture of that day! It wasnt cold back then haha!
I also went to the doctor a few hours back, but when I arrived there, he wasn't there. :( So now I have to go back tomorrow!
Tomorrown I'm filming for a school project, me and a few friends are filming a piece of the movie Corpse Bride form Tim Burton, hoping it will go well!

Don't mind my face :') And my necklace is doing some weird stuff! Oh and yeah, you probably noticed I'm not skinny or something, like a lot of girl who have their blogs, but I'm fine with it. And as long as you dress okay, what's the problem? :D So I'm wearing this:
* Bulboxer shoes
* Primark panty
* Boohoo 'navy' dress with cuuuuute anchor buttons :3
* Black newlook cardigan
* Six mirror necklace


1 comment:

  1. Hey meid!
    Ik vond je blog op & ben echt blij dat ik hem heb gevonden! Leuke artikels, foto's & blog heb je!

    Zullen we elkaar volgen?
    PS: Je kan meedoen aan mijn GIVEAWAY!
    Liefs Cindy