Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who's that boy?

So, one things that's extremely important in my life is my boyfriend. I love him very deeply and we are together now for a year and eight months, and everything is going gooooood. So ofcourse i'll be talking about him on my blog, and it's nice when you can putt a face on a name. His name is Andreas. And he's half hungarian (: I went to Hungary with him last summer and it was amazing! He's one year (and a week haha!) youger than me, so he's 17.

Here's a picture of us!

This was taken in september (:
And last but certainly not least, a picture of my bf alone :3

So now you guys know who my boyfriend is, and what he looks like :D 

xoxo, romah


  1. Ahh wat een lieve foto die bovenste! Net alsof het zo uit een film komt!

    xx Cristi