Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So, I'm a real ebay addict. If I would be rich, I would buy everything on Ebay! But sadly (hehe) I'm not rich at all. I don't get allowance, and have to pay for everything myself. (Clothes, shoes,..) and that's sucks. BUT BUT BUT, for christmas my boyfriend made me order some things on ebay :3 Oh he knows what I like! So we went on ebay and ordered some silly stuff like necklaces, eye liner,..... . I'll show them to you guys, haha!

 It's a micro filter for my camere (I study photography)
 A nikon necklace, I just thought it was adorable!
A cross necklace, just a little bit different than this one!
A love letter necklace :3
 Gel eye liner!
 A corpse necklace, haha I love it!
 Two owl rings! 
 White eye liner!
 Glasses necklace (:
 Another necklace.. :')
 12 stripers! :3
 A remote for my Nikon (:
And last but not least!

Everything was reaaaaally cheap! :D For example, the last owl necklace was 1.28 dollar, with free shipping! And this wasn't all so haha. 



  1. oh, ik ga je volgen.
    ik vind je outfits echt geweldig,

    ik heb nog nooit geprobeerd om op ebay te bestellen, wil ik eigenlijk wel een keer doen!

  2. wat een leuke dingen! leuk blog heb je!