Saturday, December 11, 2010

Me and my profile picture!

So, School is eating up my time as I said before, so I thought to just make a post about my profile picture :3 I actually like that picture myself, and that day was soooo awesome so I'm going to tell you guys the story behind it!

So haha this is my profile picture in biiiiiiiig format. Hello! Now you can see my face a little bit better haha. You may also notice I have 7 facial piercings, and I LOVE PIERCINGS. :3
So, as you can see my hair is curly a bit. Normally I have hair that is SUPERSTRAIGHT. So this was the first time I ( my best friend did it :3) curled my hair! 
We were having a girlzzzznight, so she curled my hair, I put on some red lipstick ( Oh do I LOVE red lipstick!) en did my eyes and stuff :3 She also put on some makeup and did her hair, while listening to stupid songs :D So after we all did this, we started to take pictures! Some are veeeery lame, but you know, it's funny. I love my bestfriend ^-^

This is me and my bestfriend on girlsnight!



  1. cool blog!!

    I would be happy if you visit me:

  2. Hé wat grappig dat ik je op Blogger tegenkom haha :D
    Ik volg je ook op Tumblr, en fb ^_^
    Superleuke blog heb je! En die foto is zo mooi, ik vind jou echt zo'n mooi meisje ^_^ & die piercings zijn awesome.

  3. Ik vind je fotos zo cool :D
    En je stijl, echt haha gewoon cool :D