Sunday, August 21, 2011

China glaze and Orly

So recenlty I received my first China glaze and Orly nailpolishes! I ordered them from America, and they arrived only six days later, which is amazingly fast. I ordered rainbow and skyscraper from china glaze and halleys comet and bubbly bombshell from Orly.

China Glaze, Rainbow and Skyscraper, I love them! 
Rainbow is a white color, but when you turn it around in the light, it has pink and green streaks, very pretty!

And here we have my Orly polishes,absolutely pretty!
Halleys comet, which looks a lot like essence's choose me! It's pretty with all the green and blue colors together!
And bubbly bombshell, as you can see very pink and glittery!

The first one of all these polishes I tried out was Skyscraper for China Glaze from the Metro Collection because I like the color so so much and it reminds me of well, the evening sky in some sort. 

Here you can see it on my nails, don't mind the messy nails, it's just to show you guys how pretty this color looks. I used 2 coats for this color, and it applied really well!


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