Monday, August 22, 2011

Essence's mellow yellow, I don't like you!

So a few weeks ago I bought this pretty yellow nai lpolish called 'Mellow Yellow' from Essence. I didn't have any yellow nail polishes, so I needed to buy one! I chose this yellow because it's a bit soft and cute yellow and not a neon colour. (I really hate neon, brrrrr). So at first I really like it, it applied okay (2 coats, which is pretty normal, but good for a light/pastelish color like this one!) and I really loved the color on my nails. But there is a BIG but. I didn't dry, at all? Like, come on, two hours after polishing my nails I decided to eat a toast (omnomnoms!) and then after a few minutes I noticed my knife was filled with spots of yellow nailpolish. Well, that sucked. Pretty color, but I guess that's it! What a pitty.. 
If anyone knows a gooooood and pretty yellow nail polish (not neon, haha!) tell me!


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