Friday, August 26, 2011

New hair + outfit of le day

So yesterday I dyed my hair again! Gone with the boring brown, the black/blue/purple's there!

I went for a dipdye with blue, and I dyed a layer of my bangs purple. The rest of my hair I dyed black, god I missed my black hair.

So this is what I'm wearing today and what my 'new' hair looks like!
- Floral playsuit from Berschka
- Black skirt from H&M, 5€
- Forever21 cardigan, 19€
- Brown bag, kruidvat, 10€
- Suspender tights, newlook, 4€
- Simple shoes, 3€, Primark
- Octoupuss necklace, 80cents, Ebay!


  1. staat je echt heel leuk! je haar is ook heel mooi. vooral de kleurtjes erin ;)

  2. erg mooi! love het bloemenprintje.