Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shoes and bags haul!

So, I did A LOT of shopping these past days. I went to the Primark (nomnomnom!) and to Brussels and ofcourse everytime I had the chance (and the money haha!) I went to my hometown to check out the new collections they had in stores. In this post I will show you guys the shoes and bags I bought. There are a few more actually, but the 3 euro shoes from Primark, you don't really have to see them, right? Also there are 3 more pairs on there way to my home, so I can't wait 'till they arrive! (My mom paid for them, otherwise I wouldn't have bought so many of them, haha)

Boots from Shick - 20€
Pumps from Newlook - 25€

2x brogues from Primark 11€

Messenger/schoolbag from primark €13

Bag from H&M 5€

Bag from Sacha 50€

Bag from Primark 8€

Messenger/schoolbag from Primark 5€

Ankelboots from H&M 20€


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  1. love it :)
    your blog is so cute!