Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amazing online shops!

So, I love buying stuff online. No, actually not just 'stuff'. Makeup, nailpolish, clothes, shoes.. the whole lot! I love it! Especially when it's super super cheap. Or not available in Belgium. So Here's a list of online shopping sites I like, and why I like them! Have fun and shop shop shop!

Website 1

Ebay: Ofcourse everyone knows ebay. And everyone should, because ebay is still the site where I buy most of my things. Nailpolish, makeup and a lot of bandshirts for my boyfriend, and all for very low prices! Pretty necklaces (for example the oh-so-famous owl necklace, can be bought there for 99$ with no shipping costs!) it's amazing. You may have to do a bit of searching, but once you find yourself a few amazing deals, you'll surely be happy! (If anyone wants to know some sellers where I buy my things, just ask!)

Website 2 This website is also very amazing! And very important, it ships from the UK (fast shipping!) aaaaand everything's free shipping, hurray for that! And you can find, absolutely everything in this site! Clothing (really pretty/cheap stuff, and the quality is really good!) electronics, games, cd's, bandshirt and so on. 

Website 3

This website may look really strange and cheap, but I can assure you, it's great! They sell chinaglaze nailpolishes for only 3$ what is amazingly cheap! And they do sell internationally so that's good to! (the shipping costs to belgium are 18$ for up to 6 bottles) they also sell other brands like essie, colorclub and so on, both also very cheap!

Website 4

If you love makeup and nailpolishes as much as I do, you'll love this website! It sells makeup like NYX and other very cool brands (+ really amazing holographic nailpolish from kleancolor!) for REALLY CHEAP PRICES! it's abnormal, I love it. And the shipping costs aren't much, so I'll definately order me some more from over there.

I have a lot of other sites, that I'd like to show you, but that's for another time! Do you guys know some amazing online shopping sites? Let me know!

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