Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Forever21 (Iloveyou!)

So, a few days ago I went to forever21 in Brussels. It just opened about two weeks ago, and I was really exited to go there. I love Brussels so this was just another opportunity to go! When we arrived there I was completely shocked! (in a positive way, that is) the store is just amazing. It's BIG (and I mean fucking big, really) and amazingly preeeeeeeeetty. I wish my house could look like that store. Everything was just so perfect and unique, and very very white. I wish I could live there! But, we went on, and investigated the whole store, that was a big job, because of all the clothes there, we were always scared we didn't see something so we were very carefull and I think that (eventually) we saw everything. I loved a lot of clothes and shoes and bags but ofcourse I couldn't buy everything and I only bought 3 things. A grey cardigan (19€), a cute little white lacey dress (17€) and a pretty belt with roses (6.9€). In this outfit I'm also wearing my Dr.Martens whom I adore, pretty purple tights and a mint colored primark bag!


  1. Mooi! In september opent Forever 21 op de Meir in Antwerpen, kan al niet meer wachten!